I'm Not Jewish</br>But My Mother Is</br>Cancelled

I'm Not Jewish
But My Mother Is

Presented by: SOME Theatre Company
Centrepointe Theatre
September 06 - September 10, 2016

Due to circumstances beyond the producers control they have been forced to cancel the production of I'm Not Jewish But My Mother Is.
The producers apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

If you have an outspoken mother with no filter or inner monologue or know someone who does, you are going to love this fast paced comedy about a mother and son’s relationship that knows no boundaries.

Rose Bloomfeld (LUBA GOY) adopted Christopher (STEPHEN MARTIN) when he was only 2 years old. Though she is Jewish, she raised her son in the non-Jewish tradition he was born into. Wanting him to think and choose for himself she didn’t even change the Christian name his birth parents had given him.

Well, Christopher is now 46 years old and has a new girlfriend named Felix (BEKAH FAY) who is 22 years his junior. Knowing this age difference would horrify his mother, he hasn’t told her anything about Felix. In fact neither of the women know anything about the other.

Until the night of their 4th date when Christopher’s mother shows up unannounced at his apartment just moments before Felix is due to arrive. Christopher tries desperately to get rid of his mother to no avail. When Felix arrives and faces Rose for the first time Christopher’s life comes crashing down in one big hilarious heap.

Genre: Musical/Theatre
Language: English
Tickets: $55 - $75

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