Tommy Fleming</br>In Concert

Tommy Fleming
In Concert

Presented by: TF Productions Limited
Centrepointe Studio Theatre
Wednesday,  October 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

 Tommy Fleming has over 5 million You Tube hits
3 Million Album Sales Worldwide

Tommy Fleming is one of Ireland’s finest solo singers and one of the most successful of his generation with a hugely successful International singing career.

Tommy's unique and powerful voice turns every song into a magical musical experience and touches emotions in you that only music can reach.

His versions of Danny Boy, Raglan Road and The Contender are completely different to anything you have ever heard before until hear Tommy's versions.
Tommy’s unique talent has brought him worldwide recognition and he is now critically acclaimed to be one of the worlds’ finest singers of his generation.

A Tommy Fleming concert is a special musical experience not to be missed.

Tommy has completed sell out tours annually of Ireland, UK, Australia & Netherlands.

Tommy will now be spending some time touring Canada and USA

The West’s Awake album released in 2014 has been one of Tommy’s biggest selling albums it brings Tommy back to his roots musically as he has included songs like ‘Sonny’, ‘The West’s Awake’ and ‘John O Dreams’. His concerts will also include his biggest hits from ‘Danny Boy’ to ‘Bright Blue Rose’ and of course ‘Hard Times’.

Tommy’s versions are unique and individual to him and until you hear him sing these songs you cannot experience the musical emotion that only his music can reach.

What some famous faces had to say about his voice…

Liam Neeson - “I hope he doesn’t take up acting.”
Eric Clapton - “His version of Danny Boy is the best I have ever heard bar none.”
Alex Ferguson - “If Tommy could play football like he sings I would sign him.”
The Boston Globe - “The dynamic voice of Tommy Fleming who soared on every song”
New York Times -“The success of this concert was Tommy’s classic interpretation of The Leaving of Liverpool and The Auld Triangle had the Audience on its feet”

Genre: Music
Language: English
Tickets: $75

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October 14 at 7:00 pm